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Helps keep your horse healthy

Made from the Matico plant (Buddleja globosa or orange ball buddleja) endemic to Chile and Argentina to make use of its curative properties. Our topical spray is made to aid your horse in the safest and most effective maner from a wide range of common bacteria and diseases.

When used on the horse's mouth Kawell Spray serves to cure common problems found in caring for dental hygiene such as vesicular stomatitis, gingivitis, mouth ulcers and sores. It is also incredibly useful in treating wounds, sores, and rashes.


  • Regular use helps to promote overall dental hygine
  • Use to help treat bleeding gums and gingivitis
  • Helps in the removal of fungal infections on the skin
  • Regular use can help reduce natural recovery time
  • Made from organic materials to reduce side effects
  • Relieves painful irritation and rashes on the horse that may result from heavy activity


Herbal Spray

  • Size - 5.07oz
  • Approx 122cc
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